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If you're tired of shaving with every shower, visit Forever Free for the ultimate solution. You can be rid of unwanted hairs for good with electrolysis treatments that leave your skin looking the way you wish.

The benefits of electrolysis

Hair that's dead and gone

 •  Eliminates unwanted hair for men and women

 •  Targets light or dark hair

 •  Increases self-confidence

 •  Removes hair from all parts of the body

 •  A permanent solution

While electrolysis is not always comfortable, it gets the job done. It may take several treatments to remove all the hair, but once the dermal papilla is gone, you're left with dead hair that won't regrow.


If electrolysis isn't for you, read on to learn about the modern hair removal method of body sugaring.

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Throw that razor in the trash

New clients get their first electrolysis treatment for only $5 and all subsequent treatments are $23 for

15-minute sessions.



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